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Monster Tuning

Kirkhill Auto Services Ltd is an approved dealer for Monster Tuning.

What is Monster Tuning?


Monster Tuning rewrite the software on your Engine Control Unit to transform your car. Rewriting the software safely gains both power and torque, which improves drivability! There then comes the bonus of enhanced fuel economy for both petrol and diesel engines. Saving you both fuel and money!

Monster Tuning don’t just do a one size fits all generic remap for your vehicle, the remap supplied is custom made to suit your specific engine, therefore maximising the gains for your vehicle for up to 40% improvement.

Remapping will change every aspect of your vehicles drivability and performance. It will be more powerful, will reduce turbo lag and the new increased torque gains will be like adding an extra gear!


Is it the same as a Tuning Box?


No. Tuning Boxes which plug in to the OBD Port or the Common Rail make simple adjustments to the fuel supply to your vehicle.

Monster Tuning remaps the entire ECU, adapting fuel supply, torque maps, turbo pressure control, throttle maps and many more contributing factors – resulting in the smoothest, most powerful and efficient enhancement to your engine.


How do you remap a vehicle?


At Kirkhill Auto Services, our technician will firstly take your vehicle for a drive, just to ensure there are no abnormalities in the vehicles performance. We will then run a full diagnostic check to ensure there are no engine fault codes stored before carrying out your remap. We will then connect to your vehicle using a laptop PC through the diagnostic socket. We read the current engine management file, then send it electronically to Monster Tuning HQ, where they customise the file specifically for your vehicle. HQ return the file and it is loaded onto your ECU – showing your new gains immediately.

For some vehicles it is not possible to remap your ECU through the diagnostic socket. In this case, the ECU needs to be removed, sent to a Monster Tuning Pro Dealer, where they carry out a chip change or a boot loading function. The result is the same, it’s only the process that is slightly different.


How long does it take to remap?


Remaps carried out through the diagnostic port can take around 1-2 hours.

If your vehicle requires the ECU to be removed and programmed, we aim to get your vehicle back to you within 1-2 days.

Kirkhill Auto Services can supply a courtesy car if this is the case.


What gains will I receive on my vehicle?


Monster Tuning can give you gains of up to 40%

Contact us today with your vehicle registration, make and model to see what gains you can achieve!


Is remapping my vehicle legal?


Yes. Remapping your vehicle is perfectly legal, although you should inform your insurance as this is a power enhancing modification.

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