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1989 Mercedes 300 SL

1989 Mercedes 300 SL

We began by giving the vehicle a full check over to identify the overall condition of the vehicle.


We removed the hard top, bumpers, complete engine and gearbox assembly, all the steering and suspension components, and the interior excluding the dashboard.


The defective bodywork was first to be repaired, which required a lot of time and preparation to get ready for welding.


A new wing was fit to the passenger side, as the old wing was un-original and didn’t correctly align with the door, bonnet or the headlight.


New rear wheel arches were welded in place, and the drivers wing had a repair panel welded in to the lower section.


The rear spoiler was removed, and the mounting holes filled and smoothed off as requested by the customer.


Front lower panels and cross panels were replaced with new.


The mechanism in the hard top was disassembled and repaired.


All steering components were replaced with new parts, and an exchange steering box fitted.


The suspension was completely replaced with new components including bushes, apart from 3 suspension arms which were reconditioned.


The braking system was also completely replaced, fitting new pads, discs, calipers, brake pipes and brake hoses.


We gave the engine a full service and the rocker cover gasket was replaced. The gearbox oil sump was replaced, as well as the oil and filter.


The engine and gearbox were refitted into the car, followed by stainless steel fuel pipes from the fuel tank to the engine, in preparation to be transported to the body shop to receive a full respray.


When the vehicle came back to Kirkhill Auto Services, we began refitting the interior with brand new carpets, and the seats that had been sent away for refurbishment.


We also took the wheels off and sent them to get powder coated, and refit them with new tyres.


New chrome inserts were fitted around the headlamps, and the grille was also replaced.


The hard top was refit to the vehicle, and a new Bluetooth stereo fitted at the customer’s request.


We carried out extensive road tests for over 200 miles just to ensure the vehicle was perfect for returning to its owner.


After road testing was complete, and we were happy, we got the car valeted over a few days to make sure the Mercedes was at its best for presenting to it to our customer.