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Mercedes restoration

Date started July 2016

Mercedes SL 300

We began by taking a video of the car mainly underneath, and photos of car.

We then removed all steering and suspension as well as the engine and gearbox.

Removed all the interior but not the dash, all bumpers and began to repair all defective bodywork, new wing was fitted to the N/S old one was not a Mercedes wing.

New rear wheel arches were fitted, and repair panel to lower O/S front wing, removed rear spoiler front lower and cross panels were replaced.

We replaced every steering arm and steering joints, as well as an exchange steering box. All suspension parts were replaced, includes all springs and shock absorbers.

One new front wishbone arm the other 3 were refurbished.

All brake parts were renewed includes brake pipes, calipers, discs and pads brake hoses New fuel lines from tank to engine.

Both front and rear suspension cradles were refurbished and new bushes fitted, All suspension bushes were renewed.

Engine and gearbox this was removed cleaned and checked, renewed rocker cover gasket and carried out full engine service. Replaced the gearbox sump and gearbox filter.

After installing the engine and gearbox we then transported the car to the body shop, where the Mercedes was painted.

After getting the Mercedes back from the body shop, we began to reassemble all new chrome work interior and hard top.

Once Mercedes was at a finishing stage we set the steering and front and rear suspension road tested for 200 miles over a one week period this allowed us to make sure any faults were rectified.

We then cleaned the car over 2 to 3 days making sure the Mercedes was at its best for presentation to our customer ( re word??)

We are hoping our customer gives us a good testimonial.

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