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1989 Mercedes 300 SL - Click for more information!



1997 Mitsubishi Pajero Evolution

Our customer Gerard, has owned this car for a long time, he wanted hi Mitsubishi put back together after spending a lot of money having the chassis galvanised,
It arrived as a rolling chassis, work required was to strip off all the suspension and braking parts refurb, clean and paint and refit.
We removed the old engine, and fitted a new engine supplied by the customer. Changed the timing belt and water pump, changed the oil and filter.
The auto gearbox was sent away for repair and refurb.  Fitted the engine and gearbox to the chassis.
We also removed the fuel tank drained and cleaned, after the chassis was all finished and ready for the body to be fitted, we lowered the body onto the
chassis, went about fixing the body to the chassis, then attach all the electrical cable and connections. Once all was in place we then started and run the engine, job done.

Triumph Stag

One of our long term customer wanted his Triumph Stag engine and gearbox completely overhauled.  No bodywork was required on this Stag, as the paintwork and body was in beautiful condition.  We removed the engine and gearbox very carefully; lot of time making sure everything comes off  easily so it goes back on the same.
The V8 was then stripped and send to the engineering shop for inspection and refurb.  We then painted and rebuilt the engine, fitted the engine and new gearbox back into the Stag.  Run the engine and returned the customers pride and joy in time for the summer of 2018 which was  a great summer for all the classic cars.

The Saab 900 convertible

Lovely classic Saab, bought by the owner as a birthday present for his wife,
We were asked to go see this Saab in June 2018, we arranged to collect the Saab in August and work  started in September 2018.
We first had to remove the engine and gearbox then all the front suspension and brakes, repair all  the rusted areas around the chassis and suspension , a lot of fabricating and welding to be carried  out.  The rear suspension, fuel tank and the complete interior had to be removed. We then set about repairing all the rust at the rear of the car.  The engine, we replaced the timing chain and gears along with the guides. We replaced the clutch and cleaned, carried out an engine service.
We stripped all the suspension and brakes, refurbished everything and painted.
We are waiting to refit the engine, reassemble the entire front and rear suspension and send to the body shop for painting.

Classics that are due in
Jaguar E Type
Wolsley Hornet

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