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Having your car serviced at the correct time is critical. The service schedules are determined by the manufacturer. The schedule in modern day cars is usually once a year as a time schedule or over miles covered. Every second service will be a major service.


Servicing your car at the correct time will make all the difference to your cars performance as well as the miles per gallon. Having your tyres checked at every service is very important. Tyres affect braking and steering so critical to know your tyres are in good order.

Interim servicing (or minor service) is where we change the oil and oil filter. If we have not seen your car before we carry out a further inspection to make sure the other parts are not required to be replaced. We also remove all the wheels to visually check the brakes.

Major servicing will involve renewal of various items like the air filter, pollen filter, fuel filter as well as the oil and oil filter.  Different makes of cars will also have other items that need replaced.

Some cars require a service procedure to be carried out on the air conditioning, automatic gearbox and ABS braking system. And possibly a calibration test too This is why it is important to adhere to the service plan for your car.

KAS carry out most of these procedures whilst your car is in for its service. We will report back to the customer any other faults that we find and no repairs are carried out without first obtaining permission from the customer. We will e-mail estimates or quotations if required and where possible.

If you have any questions regarding booking your car in for a service or both please contact us.



From batteries to starters, alternators, lights and so on, we like to check and double check before replacing any electrical component.


We make sure it is the components that are at fault and not just the wiring or connections. Saving customers money is always a priority.



No job is to big or to small. We carry out routine brake, suspension, steering replacement plus engine and gearbox overhauls.

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