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In addition to our general services, Kirkhill Auto Services are also equipped to handle some more specific motoring requirements.



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Kirkhill Auto Services are approved resellers of Smart Witness – Vehicle CCTV and Saftey Systems.


Smart Witness is a new up and coming essential piece of equipment. It involves having an independent forward facing camera. This camera is your own witness watching out for you while you drive. Any accidents are recorded and make life so much easier when it comes to your insurance claim form. With Smart Witness you can reduce your insurance cost.


For more information, visit and contact us today to find out how Smart Witness can help you.




Kirkhill Auto Services are specialist in servicing and repair of all Alfa Romeo cars.


We have been working on Alfa Romeo cars for 15 years,


We have worked with 147, 156,GTV and the latest Giulietta, Mitos, GTs, 159 and Brera models.


If you own a Alfa Romeo then please call us for any work to be carried out including servicing, MOT, diagnostic or electrical work.


There are no other Alfa Romeo dealers in Aberdeen.


We offer an Auto Electrical service, modern car have an abundance of electrical gadgets, and these electronic components are all part of making your car engine run smoothly and return you a better performance when it comes to fuel efficiency.


The electronic control unit in your car known as the ECU controls all these components. Which in turn control the emissions and running of the engine.


If your engine light or engine management light comes on this indicates a fault within the system we have most of the diagnostic equipment to investigate the ECU and other important components Having an Auto Electrician is vital to diagnose any electronic fault in  your car as quick and as cost effective as possible.


KAS have in the past have come across a lot of engine management faults relating to emissions, misfires and excessive fuel use. Our electrician has managed to pin point some of these faults very quickly thus saving you the customer money.


We also carry out many other electrical repairs to starter motors alternators and all other electrical components, diagnosing the correct part to replace is vital to saving you time and money.




We have a fleet of wheelchair accessible taxis for rent from 4 to 7 seats. For more information please visit Kirkhill Taxi Rental online.



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